The Teddy Bear Bingo Picnic is on September 9th

last updated on August 15, 2022 by Michael

Teddy Bear Bingo PicnicWednesday, September 9th is a special day here at Bingo Fest, it’s Teddy Bear Bingo Picnic Day! They want to thank all of you teddy bears who come out and play with them, and so we are going to be holding a tournament on that day in the Bingo Fest Nickel Bingo Room. The 20 players who bingo most will receive fantastic prizes and the top 5 will also receive an exclusive Teddy Bear.

Join the Teddy Bear Bingo Picnic at Bingo Fest

This one-day Teddy Bear “BINGO” Picnic tournament will start at 1:00PM EDT, and go for the next 8 hours until 9:00PM EDT in the Nickel Bingo room with every game playing for only $0.05 a card.

Ranking / Prizes / Balance
1st Place / $150.00 + Teddy Bear / Cash
2nd Place / $100.00 + Teddy Bear / Free Play Bonus
3rd Place / $75.00 + Teddy Bear / Free Play Bonus
4th Place / $50.00 + Teddy Bear / Free Play Bonus
5th Place / $25.00 + Teddy Bear / Free Play Bonus
6th – 10th Place / $10.00 / Free Play Bonus
11th – 20th Place / $5.00 / Free Play Bonus

The winner will receive $150.00 cash plus an exclusive teddy bear. For your chance to climb the tourney leader board, simply join in the Teddy Bear BINGO fun. The more games that you win, the higher you will rank!

Bingo Fest is proud of their seasonal promotions. They feel they give a bit of “rhythm and rhyme” to the year! Whenever you come, you’re likely to find something seasonal running – and it just so happens that right now, it’s all about honoring the inner child inside us all with the cuddly toys we love most.