No Deposit Bingo Bonus

last updated on March 20, 2017 by Michael

No Deposit Bingo BonusAlthough No Deposit Bingo Bonus is a very common term among experienced online bingo players there may be some new players or want to be players who are not familiar with this term. We all know that a bonus means to get something extra or get something for free. A deposit bonus means to get an additional amount of money, normally a percentage, on the amount that you deposit. For example; if you deposit $10 and there is a deposit bonus of 100%, that means that you will get $10 for free as a deposit bonus. Almost every online bingo site will offer a deposit bonus as a reward to it’s players. A no deposit bingo bonus therefore means that you can receive a bonus, normally a dollar amount, without having to make a deposit. So this basically means free money.

Why would anyone be giving away free money? Well first of all, all free money is not created equal. There are some bingo sites online that do offer a free cash amount just for signing up at their site. For example you can get $50 just for signing up at Bingo Hall. With this $50 you can play all of the different games and if you are lucky enough to win you can keep or withdrawal your winnings. This is the best type of no deposit bonus and it really does amount to free money. Another type of no deposit bonus is usually a larger amount such as $25 at Amigo Bingo, which you also get for signing up. You can use this money to play all of the games, but you are not allowed to withdrawal your winnings unless you have made a deposit. So basically you are getting free money to try out the games on these sites. But it is not really free money as you cannot take it out and use it for something else.

More on No Deposit Bingo

So, back to our original question; why would anyone be giving away free money? If you know anything about the game of bingo and bingo players than you know that most people play bingo more for the social interaction than to actually win the prizes or jackpots. Bingo players like to make friends, chat with friends and interact with the other players while they play bingo. When a bingo player chooses a bingo site than most of the time they will stay at that particular site for a long time as they will have friends there and feel comfortable. They will continue to deposit and play regularly and will very seldom request a withdrawal. Due to this loyalty factor it does make good sense to offer bingo players free money to entice them to join a new bingo site as in the long run it will be profitable for the online bingo site.

Where to Find the Best No Deposit Bingo Bonus

Most bingo players will find information about online bingo sites by searching with one or more of the major search engines. These days, no deposit bonus bingo is a very popular term that many bingo players are searching for. They are looking for new options, new offers and better bonuses. Since many internet users are becoming more fluent in searching the internet they are able to find all of the best bingo sites with the best no deposit bonuses. Some of our favorite sites to find this information include No Deposit Bingo at, No Deposit Bingo at, Free Bingo at, Free Bingo No Deposit at and No Deposit Bonus at Once you become an expert on no deposit bingo bonus you will have a lot more fun playing online bingo.