Popularity of Bingo

last updated on November 21, 2022 by Michael

Popularity of BingoThe popularity of bingo if growing day by day. The success of the bingo market has stunned players and companies alike as thousands now flock, every day, to high street bingo halls and log on to online bingo sites. One of the best places to find bingo sites in the UK is the UK Bingo section at bingoguy.com. Rapidly the popularity, of a game that has only really existed for less than a century, has more than doubled with profits soaring for some of the world’s key companies in the gaming industry.

In 2006 the estimated revenue acquired through bingo games set up in high street halls was over half a billion dollars, not including the mammoth input from the notorious U.S. market. This fact alone stands as a testament to the popularity of bingo and one shudders to think of the figure that includes the U.S. and online revenues.

The Popularity of Bingo with Women

The game has mostly shown popularity among women between the ages of 20-25, the proportion being something like 88% of all players are female. Many of these bingo enthusiasts use the bingo hall as a place of social interaction and as a meeting place for friends. One of the most popular sites is Canadian dollar bingo.

However, interestingly enough, the number of people visiting halls has shown a decline in the face of online bingo formats. The figure has not damaged the high street hall market that badly but the slow trickle of customers leaving the halls for the PC or laptops is starting to affect the numbers and make the decline known.

Will the Popularity of Bingo Continue to Grow?

Many online players, due to their accessibility, play every day. Most are veterans of the game; a huge proportion of them having played bingo for more than five years. It is easy to determine why this format has become more popular than high street halls as it is easily accessible and convenient. This game of chance provides easy money and it only takes a look at the number of people logging on every day to see that whilst bingo halls are heading for a steep decline, the growth of online bingo and the popularity of bingo is far from dwindling.