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Free Online BingoWhen it comes to playing free online bingo there is more to it than just choosing a site and starting to play. The most basic type of free bingo game is at game sites that just offer fun games. You can play all day long without spending a dime. You can win the bingo games, but there aren’t any prizes for the winners so it is just for the fun of playing the game. Get the facts on free bingo before you start playing. One of our favorite sites to play is Amigo Bingo.

A second type of free online bingo is just like the basic game, except that you need to register to play. In these bingo games there are prizes that can be won. Sometimes it is cash, but usually it is prizes, like gift certificates, digital cameras or anything else that bingo players may need. You may wonder how bingo sites can offer prizes on free bingo games. Well normally there will be quite a lot advertising in the games which is annoying, but expected, as someone needs to pay for the prizes.

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Another type of free bingo game is at bingo sites that offer time limited subscriptions. This means that you will pay a monthly fee to be a member of this site. You can play as much or as little as you like and have a chance to win any of the prizes on offer. You don’t need to make a deposit every time that you play and you can just sit back and enjoy the bingo games.

Regular, pay for play bingo sites also offer free bingo money to try out their bingo games. Some sites offer up to $30 for free. With this money you can test drive all of the different games available, but normally this is not real money, only bingo bucks and it is often called no deposit bingo. That means that although you can play and you can win, you are not able to withdrawal your winnings. There are a few online bingo sites that offer real money to try their games. Generally the amount on offer is not as high as those offering bingo bucks, but if you are lucky enough to win than you can keep the cash.

There is also another type of free bingo games offered by pay for play bingo sites. If you are a registered member at one of these sites than they may offer free online bingo promotions on certain days at specific times. That means that you can play for free, not reducing your deposit balance, and can win yourself some bingo bucks or other prizes.

There are some online bingo sites that say they offer $10 free with a $10 deposit. This is not really free because you do need to make a deposit. Almost every online bingo site will offer this and it is usually referred to as a deposit bonus. There are some sites that offer up to 500% deposit bonus which is very generous, but please do not confuse this with free bingo or no deposit bingo.

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Free bingo games are extremely popular. Whichever type of game that you choose the most important factor should be fun. You should enjoy yourself, make some friends and if you are lucky, maybe you can win some cash or prizes. Good Luck everybody, we hope that you enjoy playing free online bingo.

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