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South Beach Bingo will include complete hours with some bingo letters in the F&S bingo room. Win as many of these letters as you can and create bingo lingo words with them.

Once you’ve done this, please send the game numbers along with the letters for which each of these stands for and the lingo word you created, on January 14th to, where South Beach Bingo will revise them and credit a $50 bonus for the winners.

Do You Know Your South Beach Bingo Bingo Lingo?

Please note that all of these bingo lingo words must be different and the game numbers for each letter cannot be repeated. You have from January 7th to January 12th to create as many phrases as you can, with the letters that will be displayed in the session that will be featured for 2 hours, from 7:00pm to 9:00pm EST each day. And the final prizes will be credited on Monday, January 17th.

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