Eyes Down Bingo Parade Of The Stars

last updated on May 26, 2022 by Michael

Watch the famous birthdays march past you each day from July 15th to July 21st in Eyes Down Bingo Parade of Stars for your chance to win a bonus present.

Since several famous personalities were born this week Eyes Down Bingo is going to wish them each a “Happy Birthday” when their big day arrives: The birthday of Brigitte Nielsen who was born at 1963 will hold July 15th. The birthday of Michael Flatley who was born at 1958 will hold July 16th. The birthday of Camilla Parker Bowles who was born at 1947 will hold July 17th. The birthday of Sir Richard Branson who was born at1950 will hold July 18th. The birthday of Brian May who was born at 1947 will hold July 19th. The birthday of Natalie Wood who was born at 1938 will hold July 20th. The birthday of Robin Williams who was born at 1952 will hold July 21st.

Win Big in the Bingo Parade of Stars at Eyes Down

To join the festivities, just play the hourly Linked Up Games at Eyes Down Bingo. If you win a Linked Up game you’ll get a bonus equal to the sum of the last 2 digits of that celebrity’s birth year! So, if you win on Camilla Parker Bowles’ birthday (July 17th) you will win £11 Bonus because she was born in 1947 (4+7)!

But, it gets even better: If the winning bingo call in a Linked UP game matches the birth year, (e.g. 47 for 1947), you’ll win that amount in bonus pounds! So, by bingoing on a ’47’ on July 17th you could win an additional £47 Bonus!

What are you waiting for? Take part in the Parade Of The Stars and win your bingo bonus now.

Bingo Parade of Stars