Astro Bingo Triple Progressive Hour

last updated on May 26, 2022 by Michael

Not one, not two, but three progressive jackpots this hour all of which start by playing hard to get but then get easier to win over time at Astro Bingo. It’s Triple Progressive Bingo Jackpot hour at Astro Bingo, when all games will feature three progressives that just get easier to win as time ticks by!

Don’t Miss the Triple Progressive Bingo Jackpot at Astro

The first jackpot is Super-size progressive jackpot which starts at £1000 cash on call 46 and keeps on growing.

The second jackpot is the two line teaser jackpot which is featured on the Two Outside Lines pattern and always starts the session at £100 with 22 calls to jackpot. With each game, the prize drops £10 but the calls to jackpot increases by one!

The third jackpot is Triple Progressive Extra Progressive Jackpots which gets larger and easier to win each day that it’s not won. This progressive starts at £100 within 46 calls or less. Each day that the jackpot is not won, £10 is added to the jackpot and 1 is added to the number of calls. When the jackpot is won, the values reset and the fun starts all over again. This jackpot is awarded as half cash, half bonus.

What are you waiting for? Take part in the Triple Progressive Hour at Astro Bingo and win for the cash and bingo bonus now.

Triple Progressive Bingo Jackpot