Canadian Dollar Bingo Summer Scrabble

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Bingo Summer Scrabble is here with over $200,000 in special contest patterns. What are you waiting for? Play online games bingo at Canadian Dollar Bingo now.

Play Bingo Summer Scrabble at Canadian Dollar Bingo

Only Canadian Dollar Bingo plays you over $100,000 in prizes everyday.

Starting July 1st play Summer Scrabble with over $200,000 in special contest patterns and $11,000 in guaranteed cash prizes plus $5,000 paid in one payment to the final grand prize winner. This Summer 2011, the hottest contests are at Canadian Dollar Bingo.

There are 3 contest (1 per Month) July thru September 30th. Canadian Dollar Bingo have 24 letters A-X. You need to look for those patterns, they will be playing every day. Each Pattern will have the scrabble point amount attached to the pattern number. When players win these pattern will have the scrabble tile values attached to them.

For the Monthly Grand, every month the players with the most scrabble points will win the following cash prizes . If a tie occurs, the player that wins the pattern 1st will be awarded the cash prize. at the end of each month the points will b reset to zero.

What are you waiting for? Play online game bingo at Canadian Dollar Bingo and take part in the Summer Scrabble for your hottest Summer experience. Join now Canadian Dollar Bingo will give you $20 free online bingo bonus to try their games out.

Bingo Summer Scrabble

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  1. For years, the online bingo industry has only offered games that play in US Dollars or Pounds Stirling.
    Bingo is a very popular game in Canada so finally, with Canadian Dollar Bingo players can now play and be paid in Canadian funds. If you are not from Canada you are still welcome and can take advantage of currency exchange rates to get even more bang for your bingo buck. You are sure to have lots of fun at Canada’s premier online bingo site.

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