123 Bingo Online $5,000 Aces High Bonus Slots Tourney

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Ace the Race on the Aces High Bonus Slots Tournament on the 123 Treasure Island at 123 Bingo Online between September 10th and September 25th.

This month, spin the Aces on the Aces High Slots at 123 Bingo Online from September 10th to September 25th and surface the rewards worth $5,000!

Join the Aces High Bonus Slots Tourney at 123 Bingo

The $5,000 Aces High Slots Tourney start at 12.00 AM, September 10th and ends at 11.59 PM, September 25th. $50 can get you one entry into Aces High Bonus Slots. The total prizes is up to $5,000. and the 1st player will get $2,500, the 2nd player will get $1,500 and the 3rd player will get $1,000.

What are you looking for? Take part in the $5,000 Aces Bonus Slots Tourney for your bingo prizes now. Join now 123 Bingo Online will give you a generous $25 bingo bonus to try their games out.

Aces High Bonus Slots

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