Vics Bingo Magic Winterland Tournament

last updated on November 20, 2022 by Michael

Vics Bingo MagicVics Bingo magic wants to know if you have decided what your plans for January will be? Because they have a few enticing activities in store for you; they are happy to invite you to join Vics bingo in order to experience winter like never before! Here are the thrills we have prepared for you this month, between January 2nd and January 31st, in the exciting Magic Winterland Tournament.

Vics Bingo Magic is the Latest Bingo Tournament this January

The top 20 players to gather most patterns from all rooms combined will enter the Winterland Room on Monday, February 4th, from 8 PM until 10 PM EST, hosting the following type of games for FREE:

Fixed games of $50, $85, $125
Dancing games of $30 – $80, $60 – $140, $100-$200
Coverall $2,500 – guaranteed $150
Reverse Ladder games $150 – $2

Also, all those who have gathered at least 10 patterns in any room, but did not enter the Winterland Room, will get a Vics Bingo complementary bonus as follows:

10 Alpine patterns – $150 bonus
10 Bobsled patterns – $90 bonus
10 Figure Skating patterns – $60 bonus
10 Curling patterns – $50 bonus
10 Ski Jump patterns – $30 bonus
10 Snowboard patterns – $15 bonus

If you are not already a member than please check the awesome bingo bonuses in our Vics Bingo review and than go and sign up today.


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