Play Summertime Bingo Every Friday in June

last updated on August 14, 2022 by Michael

Summertime BingoWith summer just around the corner, there’s no better way to celebrate than with the Bingo Spirit Summertime Bingo event. This will take place each Friday in June. To join in, simply head on over to the Spring BINGO Room and get started with the fun!

This Event will run for just one hour between 9:00PM EDT and 10:00PM EDT. To join in this summery delight, Bingo Spirit is running a Top of the Hour BINGO game which is a $25,000 coverall game paying a minimum of $500! For this game, cards will cost $2.00 each. A card promotion of Buy 2, Get 1 FREE is available for this game!

Celebrate Summer as You Play Summertime Bingo

Making the night even more exciting, the usual $150 Guaranteed games will be replaced by something even better! Yes, the prize is going up! These games will be $300 Guaranteed games! Cards for these games are set at $1.00 per card. However, to make it even easier for you, they are offering you a card promotion of Buy 5 cards, Get 2 FREE!

This event is perfect for those looking for hot summer nights! If you’re not currently a member of the Bingo Spirit site, it’s easy to join! Join in the fun each Friday and see if you can make summer a little more exciting as you chat with other players and get some BIG wins! It’s Summertime BINGO! What are you waiting for! Get your cards today.