Metro Bingo New Bingo Espresso 75 Ball Bingo

last updated on November 20, 2022 by Michael

Metro Bingo has a brand new 75 ball bingo room – the Bingo Espresso. As you already know, the 75 ball bingo is played with 75 balls rather than the traditional 90 balls!

The Bingo Espresso at Metro Bingo is the same as traditional bingo, in that you wait for the balls to fall and mark off your numbers as they are called – but 75 ball bingo looks and feels different!

Metro Bingo wants you to have a bingo espresso today

Your bingo card will look very different – for a start it’ll be square and what’s more there aren’t any spare spaces! Your card will have five rows and five columns headed by the word B-I-N-G-O!

The BingoEspresso is home to the Sizzler Jackpot and the Sky High Jackpot! And many more games.

Hurry up and run over to Metro Bingo to experience the New Bingo Espresso 75 Ball Bingo now. Join in and Metro Bingo will give you £1 bingo bonus to try out their games.

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