Join the Amigo Bingo Fathers Day 75 Ball Tourney

last updated on August 16, 2022 by Michael

KEYWORDA 75 ball fast and furious competition at the Tourney Room seems like the perfect destination for Bingo Fathers Day this year. Come put the pedal to the metal this Sunday June 17th at 10pm EST in the amigo bingo VIP Room to win your share of $5,000 in GUARANTEED CASH.

Another father’s day and another 75-ball bingo tournament. If you played in this tourney last year then you know how much fun it is. If you are new this year then you are going to love playing and winning for your father.

The Bingo Fathers Day 75 Ball Tourney is on this Sunday

These games will satisfy your bingo adrenaline needs as each of the (TEN) high speed games carries a $500 GUARANTEED CASH JACKPOT for a single $25 cash flat fee!

Fasten your seat belt roomies — It’s going to be an exciting bingo night…Each race track pattern is paying a minimum of $100 CASH – You MUST DEPOSIT and REGISTER before 9pm Sunday at Amigo Bingo to start your engine and shift into gear in time for the race.

The $25 CASH fee covers the automatic pre-bought cards for all (10) five part speedie games (Fair and Square/12 cards per game). Feeling the need for SPEED already? Fast, hurry, REGISTER NOW. On your mark…get set…BINGO! Let the winning begin!