Jackpot Genie Bingo at Chitchat Bingo

last updated on November 20, 2022 by Michael

Make a wish on Wednesday, September 26th and the Jackpot Genie bingo might just make it come true! ChitChat Bingo’s Jackpot Genie will be granting 25 lucky players’ wishes in the Bingo Cafe at 9 pm on Wednesday 26th September in his very own Genie Bingo game!

Chitchat is Now Hosting Jackpot Genie Bingo

The name of the game is 75-Ball Bingo with a guaranteed £5,000 cash to be won. Tickets are priced at 50p per ticket. Maximum 60 tickets per player. Take a look at how to win the cash;

Call 1 or 2 lines and you be granted £250 cash.
Call 3 or 4 lines and Genie’s magical lamp will gift you £500 cash.
Be the first to call FULL HOUSE and you will have all your wishes come true with £2,500 cash.

The Chitchat Bingo Jackpot Genie will also be flying around on his magic carpet during the game and handing out £50 cash prizes to 20 randomly selected ticket holders.

The Jackpot Genie’s game will take place every last Wednesday of every month – Good luck!

WARM-UP: to get you going we have some fantastic chat games so you have even more chances to win prizes and have more fun.

7 pm to 8 pm: Magic Carpet Race

Prize: This chat game rewards cash prizes (the CM will let you know the amount on the day).
How: The columns on the call board represent carpets. The first column to be completed (when all six numbers have been called) is the winning Magic Carpet. The second column to be completed is the runner up.
Extras: Players have 15 carpets to choose from. Only one carpet will be allowed per player. The CM will announce the winner so you do not have to type to claim. If there is more than one winner the prize will be shared amongst the players.

8 pm to 9 pm: 3 Wishes

Prize: Cash prizes ranging from £1 to £5.
How: You choose 3 numbers (also known as 3 wishes!) from the caller board. The first chatter to type ***3 WISHES*** after seeing their selected numbers will get to choose a number from the wish board (consisting of 20 numbers).

9 pm to 10 pm: Genie Magic

Prize: Bonus money that can be exchanged for real cash.
How: Choose any 2 numbers and if both of your numbers are called and you are first to type *** MAGIC*** you will win a bonus prize! You can then choose to risk the bonus prize for a CASH prize from the wish board. If the ‘risk’ is taken the CM will watch out for your 2 numbers during the next bingo game and if either of the 2 is called in 20 calls or less you will receive the cash prize from behind the number of your choice from the wish board. BUT if your numbers don’t come in you lose everything!

Jackpot Genie Bingo

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