Dream Bingo Canada Bingo Roulette

last updated on May 31, 2022 by Michael

This Wednesday April 20th Dream Bingo Canada is playing bingo Roulette! The Chat Host will announce the Bingo Roulette game in the chat. If you win bingo, you get to choose a number from 1 to 75. If your number comes out within the first 10 balls you are a winner!

Have You Tried Bingo Roulette at Dream Bingo?

This is how the pay table looks:

1st BALL OUT – 20 BBz
2nd BALL OUT – 15 BBz
3rd – 5th BALL OUT – 10 BBz
6th – 8th BALL OUT – 3 BBz
9th – 10th BALL OUT – 2 BBz

All players at Dream Bingo Canada must meet the minimum card buy requirements and call “ROULETTE” in the chat to claim their BBz prizes.

Spin The Roulette Wheel and Win Now with free online bingo from Dream Bingo Canada.

Bingo Roulette