CyberBingo Win Up To 25000

last updated on November 20, 2022 by Michael

‘Diamonds are Forever’… and so are the prizes as you can Win Up To 25000. Come on over to the Diamond Room at CyberBingo from Sunday till Thursday, every week, starting from 6pm to 2am ET. We all love to win cash and prizes. So, why not head over to Cyber Bingo and claim your share of what they have to offer. We are going to be there, how about you?

There are More Chances for You to Win Up To 25000 this Week

You’ll get a chance to hit extraordinary jackpots as CyberBingo play the $15,000 Coverall minimum $150 as Top of the Hour Game, and a massive $25,000 Coverall minimum $250 as Mid-Hour Game. Several other exciting games are played in between. That is life changing money. If you are the big winner than things will never be the same for you.

A Chat Host will also be available all throughout the games to entertain all roomies with additional chat games, therefore you can also get more BBs to enjoy.

What are you waiting for? Play online games bingo at CyberBingo for the $25,000. Join now CyberBingo will give you $20 free online bingo bonus to try their games out.

Win Up To 25000