CyberBingo BB Chat Party

last updated on November 20, 2022 by Michael

On Wednesday, June 29th, from 8am to 10am ET in the Classic Room, CyberBingo will be doing an incredible BB Chat Party. What you need to do is play bingo there. Who doesn’t love a good party? We certainly do, which is why we have blocked off our calendar to join in this super fun bingo event.

Sign Up for the BB Chat Party at CyberBingo

Play online games bingo at CyberBingo at June 29th and the Bingo winners will receive the same amount of BBs as the number of players in chat at the beginning of the game won. Example: If 25 players are in chat at the beginning of the game, winner receives 25 BBs. Click here for more.

What are you waiting for? Play online games bingo at CyberBingo and win the bingo prizes. Join now CyberBingo will give you $20 free online bingo bonus too try out their games. If you like to chat and you like to play bingo then when you put these to together you will have a great time for everyone that joins. The more people that show up, the more fun that it will be for everyone. So let’s all go and join the party.

BB Chat Party