Check out the Coffee Shop Bingo Session at Amigo Bingo

last updated on September 23, 2022 by Michael

Coffee Shop Bingo SessionEarly birds, will meet night owls every day in the coffee shop bingo session from 9am-11am US EST Time to play fantastic bingo games over a cup of coffee and bingo-licious jackpots. Everyone is guaranteed to catch amazing deals and walk away with their pockets full of cash, as amigo bingo plays two hours filled with themed games carrying PROGRESSIVE JACKPOTS OF UP TO $3,000 CASH.

The Coffee Shop Bingo Session has the Best Deals

Brew a mug of your favorite coffee and enjoy a terrific mix of everyone’s favorite bingo games (i.e. Crazies, 2P/3P, fair and square, reverse, jumpers, guarantees, and progressives etc.). Each game has a card cost of only $0.10-$0.25 and with a Buy 15 Get 5 Free special offer on all cards to increase your odds of winning. Plus! Each ticket sold will be entered into a raffle for extra weekly prizes.

If you are not an early bird or a night owl, just some form of exhausted pigeon, dont forget to PRE-BUY YOUR GAMES as this session will certainly fuel up your bingo account one cup at a time…

Check out the The Coffee Bingo Session in the Amigo Bingo Madness Room.