Bingonanza Oktoberfest Bingo

last updated on July 5, 2016 by Michael

Play online games bingo at Bingonanza and strap on your lederhosen and raise your beer stein for two weeks of Oktoberfest Bingo. Earn tickes to £1,000 tournament.

Two Weeks of Oktoberfest Bingo Now at Bingonanza

Bingonanza is celebrating Oktoberfest by serving up eight hot plates of traditional Oktoberfest sausages that could turn your bingo wins into tickets to the £1000 Tournament.

Each hour between 10am and 6pm in Money Tree and Lucky Streak at Bingonanza, your first coverall or fullhouse bingo win of the hour will earn you 1 of 8 different sausages and one ticket to the final Tournament game. Your sausages will be served to you on the Oktoberfest promotions page, where you can keep track of your progress.

So, if you win a coverall or fullhouse between 10am and 11am you’ll be served a delicious Weisswurst sausage and a ticket to the big game. If you don’t win during that hour, you can try again the next day or try for another kind of sausage. There are 8 different sausages available, so you better be hungry.

When you’ve been served a sausage, the same one cannot be earned again until you have all 8 different sausages. Collect them all and you’ll win £10 Bonus and be able to earn more tickets the next time you earn the same sausages again. (Maximum 8 tickets per day, one per type.)

If you can’t be in the room to play bingo, don’t worry, you can easily Pre-Purchase your tickets. Be sure to Pre-Buy your bingo tickets for games between 10am and 6pm so you can maximize your chances to win and really stack up your tickets.

The Tournament takes place at 9pm on 3 October in the Oktoberfest room, starting with nine £50 games followed by a special two-part game playing for £50 and £500. Pre-purchase is available, tickets are 25p and £1 for the final game (maximum of 60 tickets).

Bingonanza has plenty of sausages and tickets for everyone, so dig in. Remember, if you win all eight sausages you can start adding another ticket to each sausage every day.

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Oktoberfest Bingo