Bingonanza £5,000 Pirate’s Life Challenge

last updated on November 20, 2022 by Michael

Welcome aboard the £5,000 Pirate’s Life Bingo Challenge at Bingonanza where there are two weeks of Crossbones and X MARKS THE SPOT games for all you landlubbers. September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day, so to spice things up in the chat rooms at Bingonanza, why not talk like a pirate while you’re playing with your roomies on Sunday!

Play the Pirate’s Life Bingo Challenge Now at Bingonanza

To help get you starrrrted, here be some bits fer ye to keep in mind: “Ahoy!” = Hello; “Aye” = Yes; “Yarrr” or “Arrrr” = anything, but put your hearrrrt into it! There’s lots more you can use, but the simplest rule of thumb is to just generrrrally roll your Rrrrrs and you’ll soon be talking like a pirate!

Challenge games award you £5 bonus every time you complete the challenge at Bingonanza! As soon as you’ve won both the Crossbones and X Marks the Spot games (on any part or as a consolation prize) you’ll be awarded the Pirate’s Life badge, £5 bonus, and entry into the weekly Challenge Tournament.

Challenge games play twice an hour every day, from 6am to 1am BST in Lucky Streak and Money Tree at Bingonanza.

What are you waiting for? Play online games bingo at Bingonanza and take part in the £5000 Pirate’s Life Challenge for the bingo prizes. Join now Bingonanza will give you £1 bingo bonus to try out their games.

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