Bingo Sky 50K Coverall Minimum 10K Game

last updated on November 20, 2022 by Michael

Are you ready for a chance to win up to $50,000? Then come on over to the Tourney Room on Saturday, November 26th as Bingo Sky 50K Coverall will start off at 8PM ET with three $1K Guaranteed Games as Top of the Hour.

The Bingo Sky 50K Coverall is Playing Now

Are you ready to play the Big Game? Then come on over to the Bingo Sky Tourney Room, on Saturday November 26th for the greatest Bingo Event of All Bingo Events at Bingo Sky. Bingo Card cost for the Big Game is at $5 per card.

But that’s not all, Bingo Sky start the fun at 8:00 PM ET with three $1,000 Guaranteed Games every hour on the hour. Card Cost for the $1K Guaranteed Games are at $2. Therefore these games will play at 8PM, 9PM and 10PM. Then at 11PM we play the Big Game.

What are you waiting for? Join Bingo Sky in the Tourney Room and play for $50,000. Join now Bingo Sky will give you $25 free online bingo bonus to try their games out.

Bingo Sky 50K Coverall