Bingo Hall Think Tac Bingo

last updated on November 20, 2022 by Michael

Get ready for some new bingo sun with Bingo Hall Think Tac Bingo. Who doesn’t remember our childhood games? Like the classical but yet entertaining game of Tic Tac Toe! Between September 21st and September 26th, look for the “Letter X” pattern in Dollar room and the “Letter O” pattern in Quarter room, because you are in for an old school Tic Tac Toe competition, with a Bingo Hall twist!

Think Tac Bingo is New to Bingo Hall

Win at least 3 special patterns from the room of your choice, send the winning game numbers to and be rewarded with $80 bonus for the Letter O set, and $160 bonus for the Letter X set! This is when things get really exciting! On Thursday, September 27th, all the players that participated will be listed on the blog and will be assigned a number based on their submissions.

For example, the first players to send in the Letter X set and Letter O set respectively, will be both assigned #1, and so on. The top 3 fastest players from each category will be rewarded with an extra $200 bonus!

The final battle will then commence! The roomies will have time from Thursday, September 27th until Sunday, September 30th to vote through a comment for the player they think deserves to win the Think Tac Bingo contest. Each vote will be rewarded with $10 bonus, and the most voted player will receive an extra $120 CASH!

Think Tac Bingo is New to Bingo Hall

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