Bingo Flash Flower Pattern

last updated on May 28, 2022 by Michael

A flower has the power to win hearts. And a flower has the power to win you the rewards and bingo promotion bonuses every hour and everyday in our USA Mixed Room at Bingo Flash.

Flower Pattern plays Once every hour every day in USA Mixed Room at Bingo Flash with $25 Guaranteed Jackpot.

Bingo Flash Flower Pattern is the Best Bingo Promotion

Bingo on the Flower Pattern and pocket a $25 guaranteed jackpot. Plus… bingo within the specific number of calls to win flowers and BBs.

Bingo within 10 calls to win 10 BBs and 10 Flowers. Bingo within 11 calls to win 11 BBs and 11 Flowers. Bingo within 12 calls to win 12 BBs and 12 Flowers. Bingo within 13 calls to win 13 BBs and 13 Flowers. Bingo within 14 calls to win 14 BBs and 14 Flowers.

By the end of the month the player to collect the maximum flowers wins 100 BBs.

What are you waiting for? Play online games bingo at Bingo Flash and win your bingo bonus.

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