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Bingo Fest BellaCiao! Ciao! Make the so romantic greeting of Italians Ciao Bella, a dream come true with Bingo Fest. This month’s Bingo Fest Bella Big Bingo Event can take you to Rome. Get a chance to visit the famous Coliseum and the Trevi Fountain; or a Romantic getaway. Famous also as a city of fashion; enjoy the Italian air or the so delightful cuisine, don’t miss this opportunity to be a Big Winner of our $10,000 Guaranteed Big Bingo event – Bella Roma.

Bingo Fest Bella Roma Event is on September 21

This $10,000 BingoFest Bella Roma will play in the Bingo tourney Room on Saturday September 21st, make sure to pre-buy your tickets for only $5, it will play on a cover all pattern and will play at 11pm ET.

And don’t forget, starting at 8pm ET there are 3 $1,000 Guaranteed warm up games playing as Top of the Hour games.

Ciao! Buona Fortuna.


BingoFest has Grandtastic Bingo Games

For more details on the awesome bingo bonuses on offer please check our Bingo Fest Review. Get ready for some of the greatest bingo events anywhere to be found on the internet. Get ready for Bingo Fest!

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