Bingo Australia Soccer League

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Bingo Australia Soccer LeagueThis weekend play in the Bingo Australia Soccer League, where the Green and Gold teams will be battling to score goals every night from 8pm to 11pm for a chance at $75 JPs and a cash prize for the team.

It is Time to Win the Bingo Australia Soccer League

The first pattern you win will place you on a team, and after that every time you win a pattern you will score a point for your side. The team with the most patterns at the end of the weekend will take home a $250 CASH prize which will be divided equally among all its players!

The losing team will not be left out either as we will be raffling 4 prizes of $25 BBs amongst all participants of the losing team! Cards are $0.20 and max 30 cards per player. Pre-buys to this match available as of 22nd March

Join in all the soccer action coming up this weekend at Bingo Australia.


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