Bingo Angels Star Keno

last updated on May 27, 2022 by Michael

Join the Star Keno Fun every evening in Maxi’s H.O.B at Bingo Angels. Just send in 6 Numbers between 1 to 75 and watch for the Star pattern playing every hour from 6PM.

Play Bingo Angels Star Keno a Fun Evening for All

The first 20 Ball Calls on the Star pattern will be “Star Keno” Numbers. Match as many as possible and shine like a star with the rewards at Bingo Angels.

0 matching number will earn you 2BB’s, 3 matching numbers will earn you 5 BB’s, 4 matching numbers will earn you 10 BB’s, 5 matching numbers will earn you 15 BB’s, 6 matching numbers will earn you 30 BB’s.

Don’t forget you can only change your numbers once a month! Just send them into the “Help Desk”. Be sure to submit any New or Change of Numbers before 4pm so we may update our records and you don’t miss out.

Play Star Keno at Bingo Angels now Bingo Angels will give you $15 free bingo bonus to try out their games.

Star Keno