Berthas Trick or Treat Specials at CyberBingo

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Specials at CyberBingoTrick or Treat Specials at CyberBingo are waiting for you. Go ahead and grab them by winning bingo, collecting treats, and trading them in for some big BBs and trick Bertha. This special will take place in the Cyber Bingo Halloween Room on Wednesday, October 29th, Thursday, October 30th and Friday, October 31st, from 8:00AM EDT until 12:00AM EDT each day.

Halloween Specials at CyberBingo for Everyone

Each letter you bingo on contains an amount of treats. The more treats you collect, the more BBs you can win. Players must keep track of their own qualifying game numbers.

– Bingo on B collect 3 treats.
– Bingo on I collect 2 treats.
– Bingo on N collect 1 treat.
– Bingo on G collect 2 treats.
– Bingo on O collect 3 treats.

After you collected 10 or more treats that you accumulated during the entire timeframe of this special, email them to CyberBingo and include your username along with the qualifying game numbers that you got bingo. Players may only claim the bonus ONCE for this special. Once you send email claiming your prize, you may not send again. The deadline to claim the bonus for this special is 11:59PM EDT on Saturday, November 1st.


– 10 treats win 25BBs.
– 20 treats win 50BBs.
– 30 treats win 75BBs.
– 40 treats win 150BBs.
– 50 treats win 300BBs.

Good Luck everyone and we hope that you win lots of treats in Bertha’s Trick or Treat Specials at CyberBingo. Remember No Deposit Bonus Bingo has all the best specials this Halloween.


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