Amigo Bingo 200000 Spelling Bee

last updated on November 20, 2022 by Michael

Amigo Bingo 200000 Spelling BeeJoin amigo bingo from February 1st through April 30th for the Amigo Bingo 200000 Spelling Bee worth over $200,000 in guaranteed contest cash prizes plus a huge $10,000 Grand Prize for one lucky winner!

Are you good at spelling? How did you do in spelling class in school. Were you at the top of your class and got invited to join in the spelling bee? Or were you at the bottom and struggled when it came to writing your essays? Well, we have a contest for you. And it doesn’t even matter if you are good at spelling or not. You can still participate and you can still win.

Amigo Bingo 200000 Spelling Bee Until April 30th

The object of the contest is to complete the contest phrase ‘AMIGOS $200000 SPELLING BEE’ within the weekly contest period. The first person to complete the phrase in each weekly contest will win $500 in cash from amigo bingo.

If you are not a free bingo player you can still take part in the spelling bee. Each week Amigo will also run a Winner Takes All tournament. All slots including the 3rd Party providers will qualify for the weekly slots tournament.