Play Bungee Bingo Games at Downtown Bingo

Play Bungee BingoAre you ready to dive headlong into the Downtown Bingo all new Bungee Bingo games? These incredible play Bungee Bingo games will take bingo to a new level of excitement. As the games begin, the pot will start at a fantastic $1,000 and with each number called it will plunge its way down by $25 until it reaches $100.

Play Bungee Bingo on March 13 at Downtown Bingo

True to its name, this is Bungee Bingo and the pot will then fly all the way back up with each number called until it hits $1,000!

$1000… $975… $950… $925 where will it stop?

These exciting new games will play every hour in the Spring Bingo Room on Thursday March 13th from 6pm until 11pm ET. With cards only $1.50 each, pre order yours now to find out how much fun you can have playing Bungee Bingo games at Downtown Bingo!


Play at Downtown Bingo

To find out more about this USA friendly bingo site please read our Downtown Bingo Review. With huge jackpots and awesome bonuses why not check out Downtown Bingo today?

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