Downtown Bingo Mardi Gras $1,000 Crazy Games

Downtown Bingo Mardi GrasIt’s Mardi Gras time and there’s no better way to celebrate than with incredible bingo fun and excitement as you play for fabulous cash prizes in the Downtown Bingo Mardi Gras $1,000 Crazy Games.

Join in the Mardi Gras celebrations with Downtown Bingo from 6:00PM EST on Tuesday, February 9 EST in the Valentine Bingo room as you play for fantastic cash prizes in each of our Mardi Gras Crazy bingo games. Each game will play as a Top of the Hour game with a cash prize pot that will change with each number called and will range anywhere between $100 and a fabulous $1,000 in cash. These Mardi Gras games really are crazy, rewarding the winner with whatever is in the pot when their winning number is called and have a card cost of just $1.50 a card.

It’s Tine for Downtown Bingo Mardi Gras

Add some Mardi Gras bingo excitement with the Downtown Bingo Buy 6 Get 3 Free offer on all Mardi Gras Crazy Bingo games. Simply select 9 bingo cards and you will only be charged for 6. That’s free online bingo chances to win up to $1,000 cash each game!


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