Bingo for Money Million Dollar Party

Bingo for Money Million Dollar Party Party like a bingo superstar in the Bingo for Money Million Dollar Party Room, open every Saturday, between 9 PM and 3 AM EST and take home huge CASH prizes! Get the party started!

The online bingo fun is shooting for the stars and you’re invited! Join in every Saturday from 9 PM to 3 AM EST for the Million Dollar Party! The Million Dollar Party Room will be the only room remaining open during this glittering event. The prize pool starts with initial pots of $2,000,000!

Join Bingo For Money for pots that begin by reaching to $100,000 per game and guaranteed prizes of $1,000 on ALL online bingo games! You’re also invited for a pre-game session from 8PM, which will feature FREE fixed $100 games. The real party kicks off at 9PM and you can buy up to 36 cards per game, at $3 per card.

The thrills of this online bingo party, starting at 9 PM EST, will feature:

+ Full Moon Party pattern with a fixed prize of $10,000 on all calls
+ Pots reaching up to $100,000
+ 2 Coveralls per hour with $15,000 prize on the first 50 calls
+ Guaranteed prizes of $1,000 on all games
+ Unlimited BBs during the party – 50 BBs per player

Are You Ready for the Bingo for Money Million Dollar Party

UNLIMITED BBs are up for grabs during the Million Dollar Party time frame, including prizes of 50 BBs per player during the featured chat game: Who wants to be a Millionaire?

Following the party, come on down to the Afterhours Lounge for more! From 3 AM you can stay lucky and potentially take home one of the $300 fixed prizes, with a cost of $1 per card.

See you at Bingo for Money this Saturday for the Million Dollar Party.


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