Bingo Flash Cookie Crunch

It’s a cookie crunch this Christmas! The cookie corner at Christmas Bingo Flash is open from 8 AM to12 noon and the cookie man is baking crunchy cookies ever hour, everyday.

Bingo on the Cookie Pattern for a $25 guaranteed jackpot at Bingo Flash. And bingo on the cookie pattern within 15 calls to win a fortune cookie that hides a fortune-laden bonus for you.

Play Christmas Bingo Flash Cookie Crunch Every Day and Win

The Cookie Crunch is play Once every hour every day in the USA Mixed Room with $25 Guaranteed Jackpot.

What are you waiting for? Play online games bingo at Bingo Flash for your chance to win the guaranteed jackpot. Join now Bingo Flash will give you $20 bingo bonus to try out their games.

Christmas Bingo Flash

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