Play Treasure Chest Bingo tonight only at Bingo Fest

last updated on August 15, 2022 by Michael

Treasure Chest BingoPlay Treasure Chest Bingo and you will hear Shiver me timbers! Thursday, September 19th is Talk Like a Pirate Day and Bingo Fest have got some fabulous Pirate riches to be won in their special Treasure Chest games!

BingoFest loves to add pirate bingo fun to your day on Talk Like a Pirate Day. They won’t make you walk the plank or dress up as a pirate but what they will do is bring you more chances to win a share of the pirate treasure in these special Bingo games.

Pirate riches to be won every game in Treasure Chest Bingo

The bingo games that you will be playing include:

– Gold Coin
– Eye Patch
– Pirate Hook
– Pirate Grog Bottle
– Cannon Ball
– Letter P as Pirate
– Pirate Scope

Set a course for the Summer Bingo room on Thursday, September 19 EDT and enjoy an hour filled with nonstop bingo fun and fantastic cash prizes to be won. The special Treasure Chest Bingo games will play from 8:00PM EDT on our exciting pirate themed patterns with every game playing for only $0.25 a card.

These fun filled Bingo games have a starting pot of $15 that keeps on growing. With an unmissable Buy 8 get 4 Free offer on all Treasure Chest games, what are you waiting for landlubber? Move smartly and pre order your cards today!