The Sweet Slots Tourney is on this Weekend at Bingo Fest

last updated on August 14, 2022 by Michael

Sweet Slots TourneyThis January it’s time to sink your teeth into something sugary! The Bingo Fest Sweet Slots Tourney is kicking off every week from Friday at 12:00AM EST to Sunday at 11:59PM EST.

As you might have guessed, there are some very specific slots for you to play in our Sweet Slots Tourney. All the slot games are some of the top titles, and all have a delightfully sweet theme. So, get ready to spin the reels at Bingo Fest and see if these sweet treats fall your way, so don’t make a New Year’s Resolution to give up sugar just yet!

Play and Win $500 cash in the Sweet Slots Tourney

The slots games that you need to play are as follows:

– Big British Bake
– Swinging Sweethearts
– Candy Keno
– Sugar Pop 2
– Candy Ca$h
– SugarPop
– Jolly Gingerbread
– Super Sweets
– Candy Ca$h Deluxe
– Sweet Maid
– Candy Storm
– Christmas Candy
– Jellymania

This exciting event will award a weekly prize of $1,250 and the top 20 players get a piece of this delicious pie. The top player will get their win in the form of a cash prize of $500. Runners-up will all receive their prizes as a Universal Bonus.

Ranking – Prizes
1st Place – $500.00 + 500 Casino Points
2nd Place – $250.00 + 250 Casino Points
3rd Place – $125.00 + 125 Casino Points
4th Place – $75.00 + 75 Casino Points
5th Place – $50.00 + 50 Casino Points
6th – 10th – $25.00 + 25 Casino Points
11th – 15th – $15.00 + 15 Casino Points
16th – 20th – $10.00 + 10 Casino Points

To participate in this tournament, you must have funded in the previous 7 days and need to select “Opt in” using the button below. If you do not opt-in for this tournament, none of the games played will count towards winning the Tournament and you will not be eligible to win any of the prizes. OPT in now for your chance to win the top prize of $500!

To come top of the tourney, you need to keep on spinning the slots! And that’s because winners are based on the best-equalized spin over five rounds. Remember, not only will you win a prize to use on our site, but also all winners receive Casino Points as well!

Don’t forget to opt-in to this tournament too, otherwise, any spins you make won’t count toward the final prize. And you don’t want to miss out on that. So, get ready to play and grab these sweet treats as you spin in the BingoFest Sweet Slots Tourney this New Year!

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