South Beach Bingo Lovebirds Special

last updated on November 20, 2022 by Michael

South Beach Bingo knows that Valentine’s Day is a day dedicated to love so hold your lover’s hand and prepare yourself for a day like no other. Play the Bingo Lovebirds special. This is a celebration that you should feel with all your heart, take a moment to look around you and see all the joy.

The Bingo Lovebirds Special is on at South Beach

Love the one beside you and do not be afraid to share your love with that person, express your feelings freely. Also do not forget to buy presents, chocolate and of course perfumed candles. Whatever you choose you will surely make your loved one happy. Between February 6th and February 29th, South Beach Bingo will feature 6 different patterns in all of the bingo rooms, to provide you with a variety of treats for this special celebration!

Dollar: Gift pattern
Quarter: Cupids Arrow pattern
Fair and Square: Heart pattern
Desperate Housewives: Flower pattern
Dimes: Music Note pattern
Nickels: Love Letter pattern

If you succeed in getting a set of 5 patterns from one room of your choice, you will be able to exchange it with one of the prizes below, according to the room of your choice, together with a love message from your secret admirer from South Beach Bingo!

Dollar: 5 Gift patterns will bring you a $300 bonus
Quarters: 5 Cupids Arrow patterns will bring you a $200 bonus
Fair and Square: 5 Heart patterns will bring you a $200 bonus
Desperate Housewives: 5 Flower patterns will bring you a $150 bonus
Dimes: 5 Music Note patterns will bring you a $100 bonus
Nickels: 5 Love Letter patterns will bring you a $75 bonus

After you have won the required 5 numbers, send the winning game numbers to promotions @ no later than Thursday, March 1st!

Also, since Valentine’s Day should be spent together with our loved ones, every person that you refer to South Beach Bingo this month will get 20% of all your winnings on this promotion as a bonus! Just e-mail us the account IDs of your referred friends along with the winning game numbers for your sets!

Bingo Lovebirds

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