Posh Bingo Dreams of 1000000

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Posh Bingo Dreams of 1000000Will you be the next Posh Bingo millionaire? Make all your dreams come true with the Posh Bingo Dreams of 1000000 sliding jackpot game every Friday at 10pm. There’s a possible Million to be won for only £1 and a minimum Guaranteed £1000 Jackpot!

Posh Bingo Dreams of 1000000 is on this Friday

Mark your calendars and play at Posh Bingo every Friday at 10pm in the Pre-buys Tab > £1,000,000. This huge bingo promotion could change your life as there is a possible £1 Million up for grabs with a guaranteed minimum of £1000. The number of calls and prizes are as follows:

Up to 40 calls £1,000,000
Up to 41 calls £500,000
Up to 42 calls £250,000
Up to 43 calls £125,000
Up to 44 calls £75,000
Up to 45 calls £25,000
Up to 46 calls £10,000
Up to 47 calls £5.000
Up to 48 calls £4,000
Up to 49 calls £3,500
Up to 50 calls £3,000
Up to 51 calls £2,500
Up to 52 calls £2,000
Up to 53 calls £1,500
Up to 54 calls £1,000

Good luck everyone and don’t forget your friends if you win the Posh Bingo Dreams of £1,000,000 jackpot.


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