Join the Summer Bingo Party on Now at Bingo Spirit

last updated on September 23, 2022 by Michael

Summer Bingo PartyGet ready for incredible summer time fun and amazing cash prizes to be won at BingoSpirit as they invite you to join their unmissable Summer Bingo Party in July!

This is the biggest Party of the summer ever and guarantees to create more big BingoSpirit winners as we award up to $125,000 in cash prizes. The Summer Party will take place in the Tourney Bingo room on Saturday July 29th. They kick off the bingo fun at 7:00PM EDT with the first of three Top of the Hour $25,000 Coverall minimum $1000 games with a card cost of only $2.50 a card. That’s up to $75,000 in cash prizes to be won as they get the Bingo party started.

The Summer Bingo Party is on Saturday July 29th

At 10:00PM EDT it’s time for the big game, the game everyone has been waiting for, the $50,000 Coverall Minimum $10,000 game. This is the biggest bingo game of the month and guarantees to create the next big Bingo Spirit winner.

Cards for this incredible big bingo game cost just $5.00 a card with up to $50,000 to be won.

With up to $125,000 in prizes to be won, this has got to be the biggest Bingo Party of the Summer. Make sure to join in the Tourney Bingo room from 7:00PM EDT on Saturday July 29th. Can’t make it? Pre-order your cards now to win a share of up to $125,000 in the BingoSpirit Summer Party.