CyberBingo Easter Bingo Tourney

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Easter Bingo TourneyJoin in the fun and excitement this Easter in CyberBingo’s fantastic Easter Bingo Tourney. With incredible cash prizes to be won and hours of fun to be had, there’s no better place to play this Easter. This annual celebration is one of the best bingo events of the year.

Look out for all your Easter favorites, the Easter Bunny, Hot cross buns, Easter Eggs and many more patterns as you play the Easter Bingo Tourney in the Spring Bingo Room on Sunday, April 20 EDT from 6:00PM EDT.

Are You Ready for the Easter Bingo Tourney at CyberBingo?

The Easter Tourney is filled with our fabulous High/Low $150/$45 games at just 75¢ a card, playing back to back with Starting $75 games at 75¢ a card. With great cash prizes to be won and an evening filled with fun and excitement in this fantastic Easter Tourney, make sure to mark it in your diary or better still, pre order your cards now!


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