Bingo Fest 50000 Coverall Event

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Bingo Fest 50000 CoverallThe sun is shining and summer is here at last. Get ready to enjoy the warm summer sun with the Bingo Fest 50000 Coverall Big Bingo Event, a $50,000 Coverall, minimum $10,000. This great event has a fabulous $13,000 cash in guaranteed prizes and one lucky player could win up to an incredible $50,000.

Wouldn’t it be nice to win the Bingo Fest 50000 Coverall

Imagine the summer fun you could have with these great cash prizes, a family vacation, days at the beach or maybe the biggest BBQ party ever. Whatever your plans for the best summer ever, The $50,000 Coverall is guaranteed to get it off to a great start with amazing cash prizes to be won.

The $50,000 Coverall minimum $10,000 plays on Saturday, July 26 EDT in the Bingo Tourney Room, they start the fun with three (3) great warm up games at 8:00PM EDT, 9:00PM EDT and 10:00PM EDT. Each game plays for a fantastic $1,000 guaranteed with a card cost of just $2, and are sure to get the excitement building as we head towards 11:00PM EDT and the big game, The $50,000 Coverall, minimum $10,000 for only $5 a card. This game will see one lucky player get the chance to win at least $10,000 in cash and maybe as much as an incredible $50,000!

With $13,000 in Guaranteed cash prizes that must be won, join in the summer fun with The $50,000 Coverall minimum $10,000 event on Saturday, July 26 EDT in the Bingo Tourney Room at BingoFest.


Bingo Fest has Grandtastic Bingo Games

For more details on the awesome bingo bonuses on offer please check our Bingo Fest Review. Get ready for some of the greatest bingo events anywhere to be found on the internet. Get ready for Bingo Fest!

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