Posh Bingo Speed Bingo

Posh Bingo Speed BingoIf you like to live life in the fast lane, you’ll love the all new Posh Bingo Speed Bingo game. It’s bingo at break-neck speed so you can bingo on the go!

There’s a maximum of 4 daubs per game! Daily play takes place btw 7.30 until 11.30am! What are you waiting for? Go play at Posh Bingo MPH and dash for the cash in a flash!!

Are you Ready for Posh Bingo Speed Bingo?

Posh Bingo Speed Bingo is also known as Posh MPH and you can find it here – 1p+ Tab > Speed Bingo. The prize is JPs credited to your bingo account so you can go full throttle in this fast and furious bingo promotion!


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