Play in the Weekend 150BBs Hot Ball at 2-4-1 Bingo

Hot Ball at 2-4-1 BingoTsss Ouch! That’s how hot this promo is! Feel the heat of the Hot Ball at 2-4-1 Bingo every Saturday and Sunday from 9am to midnight in the Main Room where each week 2-4-1 Bingo will feature a different number to make it more exciting and increase your odds of winning on your lucky number!

It is Easy to Win the Hot Ball at 2-4-1 Bingo

Playing is simple… Just keep your eyes open because if you bingo on the Weekend’s HOT BALL number you will win 150 BBs!

2-4-1Bingo have chosen the HOT numbers based on our lovely CH’s favorite or lucky number! This week September 6th & 7th our HOT BALL is B8 because CH-April’s lucky number is 8.

We asked CH-April why 8 is her lucky number and she told us that the date of her birth and that of her two sons all three happen to be on the 8th! Talk about coincidence, and definitely a sign of luck!

Good luck everyone, let’s see who picks up the first Hot Ball this month!


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