Bingomania UK Polar Bear Challenge

Venture north to complete the Bingomania UK chilly Polar Bear Challenge by winning the new Polar Bear and Arctic Circle games. Win both games for £5 Bonus and entry to the £750 Thursday night tournaments!

Play the Polar Bear Challenge at Bingomania

Up in the arctic, out on the ice, lives Ursus Maritimus: the Polar Bear. Revered by northern societies for thousands of years, these beautiful animals have dwindled in numbers due to hunting, pollution and melting sea ice: only an estimated 25,000 remain worldwide.

Bingomania UK wants to help raise Polar Bear awareness by introducing two new challenge games: Polar Bear and Arctic Circle, playing daily twice an hour (6am-1am) in Lucky Streak and Money Tree.

When you win both games, you’ll earn £5 Bonus and the Challenge Badge. You’ll also earn entry to the Challenge Tournaments for £750 in prizes, playing Thursday nights at 9pm in Madhouse.

Polar Bear Challenge