Bingo for Money Luxury Cars Chat Game

Luxury Cars Chat GameAre you ready to play Bingo for Money Luxury Cars Chat Game? Ladies and gents start your engines, BINGO style! The Mustang ’65, is one of America’s finest cars, being driven from 1965 until present day and still considered a luxurious sports car.

Luxury Cars Chat Game is Now on at Bingo for Money

Join CM Goldie, in celebrating this fine car, in the Bingo for Money Fair & Square room on Tuesday, 1st October, starting 12AM till 2AM EST with your pedal to the metal! A special chat game will be hosted that will test your driving skills. You will pick a lucky starting position from 1 to 15. When three numbers in the row (across / horizontally) are called type “RACE + YOUR NUMBER+ ICON”. The first roomies* to do so will win 7 BBS. Good luck racers!


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